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Mass Effect 2

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  • Mass Effect 2 - Project Overlord
    by [email protected] on August 16, 2014 at 2:52 AM
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    Project Overlord was a Cerberus research project based on Aite intended to create a hybrid human/Virtual Intelligence capable of interfacing with and controlling the geth.The project was only partially successful. David Archer, chief scientist Dr. Gavin Archer's brother, volunteered for the experiment to meld his mind to a VI. The VI overwhelmed David and the resulting hybrid essentially became a virus, which proceeded to take over the facility and used the live geth that had been acquired for the project to kill off the Cerberus staff in Hermes, Vulcan, Prometheus, and Atlas Stations. The VI attempted to leave Aite through the facility's communication dish, but the dish was destroyed by Commander Shepard. If it had escaped, potentially every electronic device in the galaxy accessible by the extranet could be subsumed and used by the VI against an unsuspecting populace. 7 Cerberus Data Packets Walkthrough Playthrough Gameplay Lets Play

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