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Dead Rising 3

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  • Dead Rising 3
    by [email protected] on September 16, 2014 at 12:00 AM
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    Following in the footsteps of previous installments, players control new protagonist Nick Ramos in third person. They will start by searching for supplies and weapons in order to fight many undead and complete missions.Dead Rising 3 is set in a vast, open world environment which is much larger than the worlds of Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 combined.According to developers, the game can render three times as many zombies on-screen at once as its predecessor. Players will also be allowed to save their progress anywhere, as opposed to limiting saves to toilets. The game will include a "Nightmare Mode" for those who would prefer the traditional time limit and save options. The game will not have load times. Dead Rising 3 expands upon the crafting system introduced in Dead Rising 2. Players retain the ability to create "combo weapons", but without the need for a workbench, allowing them to craft weapons on the fly. Dead Rising 3 also allows players to create "combo vehicles", such as combining a motorcycle and steamroller to form a "RollerHawg".Each combo vehicle includes two seats and a secondary blue attack to support cooperative gameplay. According to Capcom Vancouver, driving vehicles will be "a critical part of exploration" as players navigate the city of Los Perdidos. Player 1 will be able to discover and unlock blueprints for new combo weapons and vehicles

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