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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough

Mass Effect 3 begins on Earth, with Commander Shepard relieved of duty for the consequences of his/her actions in the Mass Effect 2 DLC pack Arrival.As the Alliance begins losing contact with its outposts and colonies, they realize that the Reapers are coming. The Alliance's Defense Committee calls Shepard for advice on how to deal with the Reaper threat, but the Reapers suddenly attack Earth in force, overwhelming its defenses and demolishing its major cities. Anderson reinstates Shepard's Alliance commission and orders Shepard to escape in the Normandy and ask the Council for support. Anderson chooses to stay behind in order to coordinate the human resistance forces. Admiral Hackett then contacts Shepard, revealing that he and what's left of the Alliance fleet were forced to retreat. He orders Shepard to stop at the research facility on Mars, where the scientists studying the Prothean artifacts housed there may have discovered a way to defeat the Reapers. Shepard manages to rescue Liara from Cerberus forces attacking the base. She tells Shepard that she discovered blueprints to a Prothean weapon that has the power to destroy the Reapers. The blueprints are forwarded to Hackett, who dubs the weapon "The Crucible" and begins preparations to construct it.

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