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Dead Island Riptide (Xbox,PC,PS3)

"Dead Island" "Dead Island Riptide" Palanai, Banoi, Wrestlers, Grenadier, Drowner, Xian, John, Purna, Logan, "Sam B" Zombies, "Left 4 Dead" "Survival Pack" About the Game: Dead Island: Riptide is the new standalone sequel to Dead Island. The game includes new zombie mutations, a dynamic weather system, and new 'hub defense' missions. The game's story picks up right where the original Dead Island left off, as the survivors get to the military and are immediatly arrested. Soon, the ship is overrun by the infection and the ship ends up crashing. The survivors find themselves on the island of Palanai, located in the Banoi archipelago. The island is overrun with zombies. The characters thought they had escaped the terrors of Banoi and survived the coming apocalypse, but their fate takes a turn for the worse. While escaping in a helicopter, a deadly storm hits. The virus then spreads throughout the crew and the infection and nightmare starts all over again.

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