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Star Trek 2013 (The Game)

"Star Trek" Kirk, Spock, "Elite Officer Pack" "Brawler Pack" "Academy Pack" "Kobayashi Maru Pack" "Stealth Pack" "Kelvin Pack" Vulcan, tricorder, "USS Enterprise" phasers, communicators, "subterranean swimming gameplay" "ship-to-ship combat" "Vulcan mind melding" torpedoes, Gorn, Commander, Henchman, "Gorn Armada" Pillager, Rusher, Initiates, "Ravager Rifle" Lieutenants, Warrior, Guardian, Royal Guard, Brute, Scout, Champion, Sentinel About The Game: The game is expected to be a single-player action game with cooperative gameplay elements allowing two people to control Kirk and Spock. The game doesn't allow players to switch between Kirk and Spock during a chapter, but will allow for fellow players to "drop-in" to play alongside co-operatively. The two characters are intended to show different gameplay techniques, with Kirk being the more typical shooter while Spock has stealth techniques and can use both the Vulcan nerve pinch and mind meld. Each are armed with weapons to reflect their gameplay style, with Kirk armed with a phaser equipped with a stun setting, while Spock's weapon is quieter and freezes enemies instead. As the player progresses through the game, they gain experience allowing them to unlock additional settings on the weapons. The Gorn are set to be the enemies of the game, attacking the New Vulcan colony. Gameplay: The tricorder is the primary gameplay element, giving players information and an interface to solve puzzles. Kirk and Spock will each have their own unique gameplay attributes. Kirk can call an orbital strike from the USS Enterprise, while Spock can use his Vulcan mind melding ability to unlock certain cinematics. The choice of character will also affect how non-playable characters interact with them, for example, some female officers will flirt with Kirk while ignoring Spock.

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