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Borderlands 2 (Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep DLC)

Moxxi,borderlands,pirates,captain,scarlett,booty,pandora,Handsome,Jack,Mordecai,Lilith,Siren,Berserker,Badass,Roland,Axton,Salvador,Zero,Claptrap,Deathtrap,Gaige,Boss,Fight,Worms,Hyperion,Oasis,Vault,Hunter,Guardian,Angel,Maya,Commando,Mechromancer,Assassin,Gunzerker,Brick,Dr.,Zed,Ellie,Mad,Marcus,Kincaid,Michael,Mamaril,Patricia,Tannis,Scooter,Sir,Hammerlock,Tiny,Tina,Crazy,Earl,Bandit,Hovercraft About The DLC: The DLC includes redesigned vending machines with a more fantasy-oriented aesthetic, reskins of existing characters featuring renaissance-themed garb (Ellie and Moxxi, in particular), and new dialogue for the Vault Hunters. Each character will respond to Tina's narration in their own way. Mr. Torgue also returns. Taking place after the event of Roland's death, Tina and the first group of Vault Hunters were playing a game of Bunkers and Badasses. The new Vault Hunters are the characters within the campaign with Tina being their game master. Tina will change the world in dynamic ways as the story progresses, such as changing the appearance of locations and adding characters and bosses. The journey to Dragon's Keep also has her coming into terms with the fact that Roland is dead. The DLC will feature new uses for Eridium: altars that gives bonuses when Eridium is spent, Tiny Tina themed slot and vending machines that use Eridium, and a new type of 'Dice Chest.' Dice Chests will appear with two twenty-sided dice (D20s) on top. Opening the chest normally will roll one D20, and the amount shown on the roll will determine the rarity of the loot inside the chest. Spending 5 Eridium will roll both D20s, and the higher amount will be taken to determine loot rarity. According to a GON interview with Anthony Burch the DLC will feature magic spells (in the shape of recharging grenades with unique flight physics) and new Class Mods.

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